Podcast: The Clock Is Ticking on 34% of CCC Bonds, and Two Other Numbers You Need to Know

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Three numbers to start your day:

General Electric General Motors

That matters because the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, which will eventually make it more expensive for these three companies to borrow.

All three can still easily pay their bondholders, of course.

But as it gets more expensive to borrow, these companies might need to spend less in other areas. That could lead to cuts in capital spending, share buybacks, or even jobs.

-in the next four years.

Bonds of companies rated triple C — the lowest rating a company can get while it can make debt payments — have fallen further than the rest of the high yield market in the past two months.

That’s bad news for triple-C bonds maturing within the next four years, which is about a third of them.

Analysts at Citigroup say investors should buy higher-rated junk bonds with shorter duration. Or just hold cash.

on Tuesday.

The company’s digital media business is named Oath, and includes HuffPost, Yahoo Finance and Sports, and Tumblr.

It seems that Verizon is all but giving up on its efforts to create enough content to be a strong competitor with Google and Facebook. So much for scale.

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This episode was hosted by Alexandra Scaggs.

Write to Alexandra Scaggs at alexandra.scaggs@barrons.com

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