Vivint Technology Supports the Smart Home Movement

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Vivint hopes to transform the home in the same way the smartphone changed the mobile industry.

As the technologies in smartphones and automobiles become more advanced, with facial recognition software and self-driving vehicles, Vivint Inc. is bringing similar revolutionary technology into the home.

“We’re transforming the home in the same way that the mobile industry did with the smartphone,” Vivint founder and Chief Executive Office Todd Pedersen said at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pedersen noted that the home is where most people spend their time; it is also the largest asset and is usually one of the most significant spending areas for consumers.

“On average, we have 15 pieces of hardware installed in the home, all connected on one application,” Pedersen said. “Eventually, every single thing inside of the home that has anything to do with technology or services is going to be connected through one platform – that’s what we’re doing.”

At the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, approximately 20,000 people gathered to see tech industry leaders discuss new trends and products that are having a meaningful impact on the industry.

The transition to smart homes is happening slowly, but smart homes will become more commonplace as they “simplify your life and allow you to operate inside your home in a more convenient way” that goes beyond just smart devices in the home, Pedersen said. It also should save people time and money.

“It’s really easy to ship out a thermostat. It’s easy to ship out a doorbell camera, but to have a comprehensive system that is fluid, that works, that is installed professionally, that has a maintenance schedule that is backed up by a large company that knows what is going on without being intrusive – that is a difficult proposition, but that’s what we do.”

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